Rakhi Sawant Had A Huge 10 CM Tumour In Her Stomach, Salman Khan Paid All Her Hospital Bills 

Rakhi Sawant Had A Huge 10 CM Tumour In Her Stomach, Salman Khan Paid All Her Hospital Bills 

Rakhi Sawant says that Salman Khan helped her a lot when Rakhi was battling the disease.  Although Rakhi did not tell Salman Khan about the illness, Salman Khan came forward and paid Rakhi’s very expensive hospital bill. 

Rakhi Sawant will also say that Salman never forgets his close people, he always takes care of everyone. As Salman Khan helped Rakhi many times, Salman helped everyone with a big heart. 

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Rakhi Sawant, the ever-talking drama queen of the Bollywood industry, is currently relaxing in Dubai. Whether Rakhi is in Dubai or Mumbai, the same focus is everywhere. Despite being in Dubai, she targets the Bollywood world in Mumbai through social media. 

A 10 Cm Tumour Was Found In Rakhi’s Stomach 

Rakhi Sawant Had A Huge 10 CM Tumour In Her Stomach, Salman Khan Paid All Her Hospital Bills 

A few days ago, Rakhi talked about her illness.  Rakhi had a tumor of 10 cm in her stomach, after a lot of efforts doctors saved Rakhi from this disease. Initially, doctors thought it was a heart problem, but later the root was cured. 

Rakhi Sawant is a huge fan of Salman Khan.  When Salman Khan gets teased on social media, Rakhi Sawant comes forward and cleans up the users. Rakhi has always supported Salman. 

Salman Khan also considers Rakhi as one of his closest people. Salman Khan is always involved in Rakhi’s happiness or sadness.  Salman Khan has helped Rakhi a lot in the past too. 

Rakhi Sawant Ex-Husband Also Supported Her During Her Illness 

After recovering from the illness, Rakhi expressed her feelings on social media for the first time, saying that her ex-husband also stood by her during her illness.

A few days ago, Rakhi and her ex-husband divorced. Despite all this, Rakhi and her ex-husband have a very good relationship.  Rakhi also thanked her ex-husband.

Rakhi will soon return to India after spending her holidays in Dubai. Rakhi has always been a topic of discussion due to her statements and acting. Papa Raji in Bollywood always has an eye on Rakhi.

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