Hina Khan’s Mother Cries As She Cuts Her Hair Amid Cancer Treatment

Hina Khan's Mother Weeps As She Cuts Her Hair Breast Cancer Ordeal: "I Choose To Win"

Big television Actor Hina Khan, who knows her cancer diagnosis the preceding week, has shared a poignant update from her resolute journey. On Thursday, Hina disseminated a poignant video depicting her hair being shorn in anticipation of a chemotherapy session. The footage captures Hina ensconced before a looking glass, readying herself for the haircut. Her mother’s heartrending sobs echo in the background while Hina endeavors to console her. Subsequently, Hina’s stylist hands her the shears, and she clips her first tress. Post-session, Hina’s voice resonates with, “It feels nice. I feel liberated.”

Hina Khan cut hairs

Hina meticulously chronicled her sentiments in an extensive note. She commenced with, “You can discern my mother’s wailing in Kashmiri (blessing me) in the background as she steeled herself to witness an unimaginable sight. Not everyone possesses the same fortitude to navigate heart-rending emotions. To all the resilient souls out there, especially the women battling similar adversities, I understand it’s arduous. For many of us, our hair is an ever-present crown. But what if you’re confronted with a challenge so formidable that you must relinquish your hair, your pride, your crown? To emerge victorious, tough choices are imperative.”

She continued, “And I opt to Win. I have resolved to avail myself of every conceivable opportunity to conquer this battle. I choose to relinquish my beautiful hair before it starts shedding. I didn’t want to endure the prolonged anguish. Thus, I let go of my crown, having realized my true crown lies in my COURAGE, my STRENGTH, and the love I harbor for myself. Additionally, I have decided to use my hair to craft a lovely wig for this phase.”

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Hina Khan's Mother Weeps As She Cuts Her Hair Breast Cancer Ordeal: "I Choose To Win"

Hina further elucidated that she is documenting her journey to inspire others grappling with cancer. “Hair will regrow, eyebrows will reappear, scars will diminish, but the spirit must remain intact. I am chronicling my journey to ensure my endeavor to embrace myself resonates with everyone out there. If my story can ameliorate even one day of this heart-wrenching yet transformative experience for someone, it’s worth it.” Expressing gratitude to those who have unwaveringly stood by her, she wrote, “This day couldn’t have transpired as I hoped without the presence of my steadfast supporters… MY PEOPLE @rockyj1 MOM @heenaladjoshi @manaanmeer @sachinmakeupartist1.” View the post here:

Hina Khan disclosed her stage 3 breast cancer diagnosis via an Instagram post last week. An excerpt from her statement read, “Hello everyone, To address the recent speculations, I want to impart some significant news to all the Hinaholics and everyone who loves and cares for me. I have been diagnosed with Stage Three breast cancer. Despite this formidable diagnosis, I wish to reassure everyone that I am in good spirits. I am resilient, resolute, and wholly committed to surmounting this illness. My treatment is underway, and I am prepared to do everything necessary to emerge from this even stronger.” View the post:

In an earlier Instagram entry, Ms. Khan recounted attending an award ceremony in Mumbai, immediately followed by her inaugural chemotherapy session. “I attended the event and proceeded directly to the hospital for my first chemo,” Hina Khan shared.

Hina Khan Capture to fame with the acclaimed television show “Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai.” She also participated in reality television series such as “Khatron Ke Khiladi” season 8 and “Bigg Boss 11.

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