Disha Patani addresses her new ‘PD’ tattoo as it spark Prabhas dating rumours

Prabhas words from Disha Patani new tattoo

Bollywood actress Disha Patani recently unveiled her new tattoo, creating widespread speculation and excitement. The tattoo with the initials “PD” has left many wondering if it signifies a romantic relationship with South Indian superstar Prabhas. 

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Disha Patani Tattoo

Disha Patani, who is known for her roles in “MS Dhoni: The Untold Story” and “Baaghi 2”, has shared a picture of her new tattoo on social media. The “PD” inked brightly on his sleeve immediately caught the attention of his followers, who immediately began to speculate on its significance. Many fans have associated the initials with Prabhas whose full name is Prabhasaraju Uppalapati.

Social media horror stories

Fans immediately reacted to Disha’s post. The comments section is full of questions, thoughts, and interests. While some fans expressed excitement over the possibility of Disha and Prabhas being a couple, others just wanted to know the real meaning behind the tattoo

Responding to rumours, Disha Patani addressed these speculations in a recent interview. He explained that the tattoo had a personal meaning to him, and he wasn’t ready to share it publicly. Disha appreciated the interest of her fans but asked for privacy regarding her personal life.

Relationship with Prabhas

Prabhas words from Disha Patani new tattoo
Prabhas words from Disha Patani new tattoo

Rumors of a link between Disha and Prabhas have been floating around for quite some time now. While the two actors are working together on an upcoming film, they have reportedly become close. Their on-screen chemistry has given rise to rumors of an off-screen romance though neither Disha nor Prabhas has confirmed these speculations. Both actors are known for keeping their private lives up to date, which adds to the excitement.

Fans were divided on the reaction. While a few are excited about the prospect of a new film actor couple, others take a more skeptical stance, suggesting that the tattoo may have nothing to do with Prabhas at all Some fans have claimed that Disha has multiple tattoos, among which each one is very different and private which means this new one may not be different for signal.

Aggressive media

The media has also jumped on the bandwagon, with several articles and news sections dedicated to unraveling the mystery behind Disha’s tattoo The gossip columns on entertainment portals abound with theories and reviews in 2010, making the “PD” tattoo one of the hottest topics in Bollywood has a gift

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