Bigg Boss OTT 3: Housemates find ticks in Shivani Kumari hair; Bigg Boss sends instant shampoo

Bigg Boss OTT 3: Housemates find ticks in Shivani Kumari hair; Bigg Boss sends instant shampoo

In the epic episode of Bigg Boss OTT Season 3, the housemates had to deal with an unexpected and unpleasant situation. Contestant Shivani Kumari noticed lice in her hair and Bigg Boss immediately acted to fix the problem. The incident occurred during a casual conversation in the park. Shivani was chatting with her fellow contestants when one of them noticed her nodding incessantly.

What Happened With Shivani Kumari at the Bigg Boss OTT?

Upon closer examination, he was found to have lice in his skull. The revelation stirred the housemates, as cleanliness and personal care are important near the Bigg Boss house. The housemates immediately informed Bigg Boss about Shivani’s concern for her well-being and the possible spread of lice among other contestants.

The construction team responded immediately by helping Shivani deal with her problem by providing peeling agents and other necessary treatments. Bigg Boss also made sure to inform other housemates about their condition and took preventive measures to maintain cleanliness in the house. After being spotted, Shivani expressed her shame and apologized to her fellow contestants.

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She explained that she had been dealing with migraines for days but did not realize the severity of the problem. Households were supportive and offered their sympathy and support as Shivani began healing. This story highlights the challenges of maintaining personal hygiene in the Bigg Boss house, where the contestants are cut off from the outside world and have no access to personal care products The team of the Show responsible for ensuring the health and safety of the competitors’ proven participants

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