VF’s Sapne Vs Everyone Becomes The 7th TVF Show To Enter IMDb’s Top 250 TV Shows List Globally

The Viral Fever has become a very familiar name all because of its shows. The content producer has made its niche in delivering content that is high on its resonating value with the audience, mainly the youth of our nation. They are the content producers of this generation who have mastered grasping audience tastes and preferences. This is the reason they are pioneering ahead of all with maximum of their shows getting top IMDb ratings. Adding yet another remarkable milestone, TVF’s ‘Sapne Vs Everyone’ becomes the 7th TVF show to enter IMDb Top 250 TV Shows list globally.

The latest IMDb Top 250 TV Shows list of all time is a testament to TVF’s strong hold on the global entertainment world. In the top 250 list maximum shows are of TVF. Namely, TVF’s Aspirants at 111, TVF Pitchers at 54, Kota Factory at 80, Gullak at 86, Yah Meri Family at 146, Panchayat at 88, now, Sapne Vs Everyone. All these shows come from the house of TVF and profoundly have the highest rating. This is the reason, TVF is on top and is at No. 1 as compared to other production houses. All these shows have been immensely loved by the masses not just in the domestic market but internationally as well.

‘Sapne Vs Everyone’ has officially stormed into the IMDb Top 250 TV Shows list and currently holds the highest rating among IMDb’s Top 250 TV shows in the world with a 9.6 rating. The show has performed extremely well in all the metrics from Viewership, Engagement of the audiences, highest rating, amazing audience reviews, and technical aspects.

This is indeed a magnificent feat that a content creator of this generation is not only dominating but is also ruling the content arena in full force. Bringing shows that connect immensely with the youth of this generation, TVF has fondly touched upon different emotions and lives of the people due to which, they are pioneering ahead of all. This isn’t a normal phenomenon that the production houses get to enjoy but TVF has truly gone way beyond the limits and set its own benchmark of success.

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