Amy Schumer Replies Back to Online Comments on Her Puffier than Usual Face

amy schumer on puffy face

In a recent Instagram post, Amy Schumer simply hits back to people who commented on her face online. Director and actress Amy Schumer replied to negative comments and jokes about her face and body shaming in a positive but serious note. She replied to comments that joke about her face, which is puffier than usual one.

Actress was on famous US TV to discuss about most awaited season 2 of Life & Beth. It is a series that she writes, directs and acts in. When her interview went online, people started commenting on her face. They said that her face is puffier than usual one. Online users joke about her face claiming that she is taking anti-aging stuffs.

Schumer writes on social media that she has gone through comments and said, “Thank you everyone for taking so much interest in my puffier face than usual one. But I’m dealing with endometriosis, which is an auto-immune physical disease”. She further added, “Every woman on this earth planet should be conscious about this disease”.

After a hit back from actress on her body and face shaming comments, there were lots of men and women who came to support her. One user online writes, “It’s easy to do body shaming without reason, but remember endometriosis isn’t a thing to joke about”.

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Author: seekcelebrityss