D-Boss Fans Say Happy Birthday Darshan Thoogudeepa

kannada actor darshan birthday

Renowned Kannada actor Darshan Thoogudeepa is going to celebrate his birthday on 16th February. Fans of popular D-Boss surely love celebrating the birthday of their famous Kannada actor.

Star Darshan was born in Kodugu district. His father is a renowned celebrity called Thoogudeep Srinivas. Being a son of a famous actor of Kannada cinema, Darshan still had to face lots of challenges. He worked as an assistant to cinematographer, played small roles in movies and even TV serials.

Srinivas and Meena blessed with a baby boy on 16th February 1977. Now, we all know him as Kannada star Darshan. On 16 February 2024, Darshan is going to be 47 years of age. It is good news for lovers of D-Boss. If you are also a fan of this Kannada actor, you would surely like to wish him.

His fans on social media have started wishing him happy birthday. Fans of famous D-Boss mentions hash tags on social sites. Some of the popular hash tags are #happybirthdaydarshan, #dboss, #darshan_actor and many more.

The renowned Kannada actor always celebrates his birthday on 16 February every year. He always thanks to his fans for supporting and loving him. According to actor, “What I’m today is just because of my fans’ love and support”. He also added, “I would love receiving the same support and love from my fans forever”.

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