YRF to unveil new ‘spy universe’ brand with Pathaan trailer .

All eyes are on Shah Rukh Khan, Deepika Padukone, and John Abraham ever when you consider that their much-awaited film Pathaan was announced.

Pathaan is now not just a film however an emotion for followers who have been ready with bated breaths to watch SRK on the silver screen. 

A alternate supply reveals, “Aditya Chopra has been clinically working for years now to make YRF’s undercover agent universe 

The franchise will only get better and higher with each and every new movie from Pathaan, Tiger and War franchise.” 

This new brand will be existing in Pathaan’s trailer and then will hold performing in Tiger 

The word ‘RAW’ used to be changed with ‘Hamare’ and ‘Langde Lulle’ used to be removed and replaced with ‘Toote Foote’. 

The word KGB was removed and replaced with SBU.

In different words, Pathaan is two hours and 26 minutes long.  

 The word scotch was modified to drink and a reference to Russia was additionally removed.

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