Why Yogita Bali STOPPED working: Son Namashi Chakraborty REVEALS in video


APR 8,2023


Namashi Chakraborty revealed in an exclusive video the reason behind his mother Yogita Bali's break from work.

Yogita Bali was a popular actress in the 70s and 80s, known for her roles in films like Parwana and Anjaan.

According to Namashi, Yogita Bali decided to take a break from work after his brother Mahaakshay's debut film flopped.

He revealed that his mother was deeply affected by the film's failure and decided to step back from her acting career.

Mahaakshay aka Mimoh is an actor, while Namashi is going to debut in the film 'Bad Boy' (slated for release on April 28, directed by Rajkumar Santoshi.

Namashi also shared that his mother has always been his biggest support system and encouraged him to pursue acting.

He said that Yogita Bali is very selective about the roles she takes up now and prefers to work on projects that interest her.

He shared that he is excited about the film and hopes that it will be well-received by the audience.

Namashi expressed his gratitude towards his mother for always being there for him and supporting him throughout his career.


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