Why Tina Turner Passed on Starring in Steven Spielberg’s

In a 1986 interview with Luce Cinecitta, Tina Turner explains why she turned down the leading role in Steven Spielberg's 'The Color Purple.'

Turner says she was "very flattered" to be offered the role of Celie, but she ultimately decided against it because she didn't want to spend a year in Mississippi filming the movie.

"I'm not a method actress," Turner says. "I can't just go to work and forget about my life. I have a husband and children and I want to be with them."

Turner also says she was concerned about the movie's violence. She don't want to see myself being beaten up on screen".

The role of Celie eventually went to Whoopi Goldberg, who won an Academy Award for her performance.

Turner says she's happy with Goldberg's performance and she's glad she didn't take the role.

Turner is currently working on a new album and she's also planning a world tour.

She says she's excited to get back on the road and perform for her fans "It's my passion."

Turner is a true icon and she's sure to continue to entertain fans for years to come.


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