When Farah Khan explained how Tabu agreed for blink-and-miss appearance with Shah Rukh Khan in Main Hoon Na


Farah Khan, the renowned Bollywood filmmaker, has revealed Tabu's two-second appearance in "Main Hoon Na."

Tabu's cameo in the film with Shah Rukh Khan went unnoticed until now, even by die-hard fans.

Farah Khan shared the clip of the scene on her Instagram account, which went viral in no time.

Fans couldn't believe that they missed the powerhouse performer in the iconic film.

Farah Khan praised Tabu's talent, saying that she could do anything with grace and conviction.

Farah also revealed that the cameo was a surprise gift to Tabu, and they didn't even inform Shah Rukh Khan about it.

The video clip has received tremendous love from fans and celebrities, with many showering praise on Tabu's acting skills.

Farah Khan's revelation has also sparked curiosity among film enthusiasts, who are now re-watching the movie to catch the cameo.

Tabu's brief appearance as a college professor has become one of the most talked-about topics in Bollywood.

Farah Khan's latest revelation has once again proved that Bollywood is full of surprises and that there is always something new to discover.


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