When Alia Bhatt said Ranbir Kapoor ‘is the Sonam Kapoor of men’s fashion


Alia Bhatt once compared Ranbir Kapoor to Sonam Kapoor in terms of men's fashion.

She said that Ranbir has a good sense of style and can carry off anything effortlessly.

According to Alia, Ranbir knows how to put together a look that stands out.

She also praised his collection of jackets, calling it impressive and enviable.

Alia feels that Ranbir's fashion choices reflect his personality and confidence.

She credited his fashion sense to his love for travel and exposure to different cultures.

Alia mentioned that Ranbir's casual style is always on point, and he looks good in anything.

She revealed that she often takes fashion advice from him and has learned a lot from him.

According to Alia, Ranbir is not just stylish but also knowledgeable about fashion.

She believes that Ranbir can inspire men to experiment with their style and try something new.


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