Shah Rukh Khan on meeting a designer for renovating Mannat

Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan revealed his plans to renovate his iconic home, Mannat, in Mumbai.

In a recent interview, Khan shared that he had met with a designer to discuss the renovation project.

Mannat, located in Bandra, has been Khan's residence for over two decades and is a landmark in the city.

The actor expressed his desire to enhance the aesthetics of Mannat while maintaining its traditional charm.

Khan mentioned that he wants to create a space that is more functional and efficient for his family.

The renovation plans include adding more rooms, updating the interiors, and optimizing the overall layout.

Khan emphasized the importance of striking a balance between modernity and preserving the heritage of the house.

Mannat has always been a popular tourist spot, and the renovation aims to make it more welcoming for visitors.

The actor also mentioned that the renovation process will take some time but assured fans that Mannat will retain its soul.

Khan's plans for renovating Mannat have generated a lot of excitement among his fans, eagerly awaiting the revamped look.


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