Salman Khan takes a jibe at Arbaaz Khan and Sohail Khan's failed marriages


Bollywood superstar Salman Khan recently took a jibe at his brothers Arbaaz Khan and Sohail Khan.

Salman made a sarcastic remark about their failed marriages during a recent interview.

The actor said that his brothers have already experienced the "game over" situation in relationships.

He added that he is still single and looking for the right partner to settle down with.

Salman's comments have sparked a debate on social media about his own relationship status.

Fans are wondering if the actor is serious about getting married anytime soon.

Salman has been linked to several actresses in the past, but he has never confirmed any of these rumors.

The actor is known for his wit and humor, and his recent comments have left his fans amused.

Some people are calling Salman's comments insensitive, while others are praising him for his honesty. It remains to be seen if Salman will ever tie the knot, but for now, his fans will have to wait and watch.


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