Salman Khan on not allowing low neckline outfits on his set

Actor Salman Khan recently talked about not allowing low neckline outfits on his film sets.

He believes that the more covered up the actors are, the better it is.

Salman thinks that such clothing distracts the audience from the content of the film.

He also mentioned that he understands that the style is in trend but it's not for his movies.

The actor wants his films to be family-friendly and appeal to a wide audience.

He emphasized that it's important to maintain decorum on set to avoid any unpleasant situations.

Salman's stance on clothing is not new, as he has been vocal about it in the past.

He has always maintained that he wants his films to be clean and devoid of any vulgarity.

The actor's comments have received mixed reactions on social media.

Some fans support his views, while others believe that actors should have the freedom to wear what they want.


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