Rohini Hattangadi feels Ranveer Singh doesn't behave appropriately in public

Veteran actress Rohini Hattangadi recently expressed her opinion on Ranveer Singh's public behavior.

Hattangadi stated that Singh's conduct in public does not match his stature as a popular actor.

She also revealed that she likes Ranbir Kapoor more as an actor than Singh.

Hattangadi acknowledged Singh's talent but said that his behavior is not appropriate for his status.

The actress stated that Kapoor is more reserved and dignified in his public demeanor.

Hattangadi has worked with both actors in the past and praised their performances.

However, she emphasized that Kapoor's behavior in public is more appropriate and respectful.

Hattangadi's comments sparked a debate on social media, with fans sharing their opinions on the matter.

Some fans supported Hattangadi's views, while others defended Singh's behavior as part of his personality.

Regardless of the debate, Hattangadi's comments highlight the importance of professionalism and dignity in public behavior.


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