Richard Dreyfuss declares Hollywood inclusion standards make him ‘vomit’


Richard Dreyfuss has caused controversy by speaking out against Hollywood's inclusion standards.

He claims that the standards are making him "vomit" and are hurting the industry.

Dreyfuss feels that Hollywood is being pressured to hire based on ethnicity and gender rather than talent.

He believes that this approach is causing talented individuals to be overlooked in the industry.

The actor also thinks that Hollywood is becoming too politically correct and that this is damaging creativity.

Dreyfuss believes that artists should be judged based on their work and not their identity.

He thinks that inclusion should be achieved through collaboration and not through quotas or mandates.

The actor's comments have sparked a debate about diversity and inclusion in Hollywood.

Some have praised Dreyfuss for speaking out against what they see as a harmful trend.

Others, however, have criticized him for ignoring the systemic inequalities that exist in the industry.


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