Priyanka Chopra opens up on freezing her eggs in early 30s


Priyanka Chopra, the Bollywood diva, opened up about freezing her eggs in her early 30s.

The actress revealed that the process of freezing eggs was quite painful and challenging for her.

She decided to freeze her eggs as she wanted to keep her options open for motherhood in the future.

Priyanka further added that the process of freezing eggs was emotionally and physically exhausting for her.

The actress also talked about how women in the entertainment industry face constant pressure about marriage and motherhood.

Priyanka believes that women should have the freedom to make their own choices and not be judged for it.

The actress encouraged women to prioritize their health and make informed decisions about their bodies.

Priyanka also shared that she has always been focused on her career but doesn't want to miss out on motherhood.

The actress emphasized that women should not feel ashamed or embarrassed about seeking medical help to preserve their fertility.

Priyanka's openness about her journey with egg freezing has inspired many women to talk openly about their struggles with infertility.


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