Prabhas has a big, beautiful house in Hyderabad with a gym, swimming pool, and a large garden.

This is a very fancy car that costs about Rs 8-10 crore. It's known for its luxury and comfort.

A super fast sports car that costs around Rs 5.5 crore. It's perfect for someone who loves speed.

Another luxury car in Prabhas' collection. It costs about Rs 60-70 lakh and is known for its advanced features.

A sleek and powerful car that costs around Rs 1 crore.

Prabhas has many high-end watches from brands like Rolex and Omega, each costing several lakhs.

To stay fit, Prabhas has invested in top-quality gym equipment that costs a lot of money.

He owns various high-end jewelry pieces, including rings and bracelets, adding to his luxurious lifestyle.