ovarian cancer


Ovarian cancer is classified into four stages depending on how far it has spread in the body.

Stage 1 is the earliest stage and means the cancer is still contained within the ovary or ovaries.

There are two sub-stages within stage 1, with sub-stage 1a meaning the cancer is only in one ovary.

Sub-stage 1b means the cancer has spread to both ovaries but has not spread to any other organs.

Treatment for stage 1 ovarian cancer usually involves surgery to remove the affected ovary or ovaries.

If the cancer has not spread beyond the ovary, it may be possible to preserve fertility in younger women.

Stage 1 ovarian cancer has a good prognosis, with around 90% of women surviving for at least five years.

However, the prognosis can be affected by factors such as the cancer type and grade, as well as the woman's age and overall health.

It is important for women to be aware of the symptoms of ovarian cancer and to attend regular check-ups with their doctor.

Early detection and treatment can improve the chances of a successful outcome for women with ovarian cancer.


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