Mandakini recalls old rumour

Mandakini, the Bollywood actress, recently opened up about a decades-old rumor surrounding her father shooting her.

She admitted that she was completely unaware of why everyone around her was so concerned.

Mandakini revealed that the rumor emerged during the controversy surrounding her relationship with Dawood Ibrahim.

Despite the rumor, she maintained that her father was a loving and caring person.

The actress expressed her frustration at the false stories and the impact they had on her family.

Mandakini emphasized that her father had no connection to the underworld and was a respectable man.

She acknowledged the power of rumors in the entertainment industry and their ability to create false narratives.

Mandakini credited her family's support for helping her navigate through the challenging times.

The actress highlighted the importance of staying grounded and not letting rumors define one's identity.

Mandakini concluded by stating that she has moved on from the past and is focused on her present life.


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