Madhur Bhandarkar talks about big fan moment

Filmmaker Madhur Bhandarkar attended Cannes Film Festival 2023 and cherishes his fan moment meeting with Hollywood veteran Michael Douglas.

Bhandarkar had the opportunity to meet Hollywood legend Michael Douglas during his visit to the prestigious event.

The director discussed India's rising global influence and the country's growing impact on the international film industry.

Bhandarkar expressed his pride in being part of a diverse and vibrant film industry that resonates with audiences worldwide.

This is his second time at the Cannes Film Festival as a part of the Indian delegation.

Bhandarkar's return to Cannes signifies his continuous commitment to showcasing Indian cinema on the global stage.

He shared his insights on the immense talent and creative potential present in the Indian film fraternity.

Bhandarkar emphasized the importance of collaborations and exchange of ideas between Indian and international filmmakers.

His presence at Cannes served as a platform to highlight the unique storytelling and cultural richness of Indian cinema.

Bhandarkar's rendezvous with Michael Douglas marked a significant moment, bridging the gap between Bollywood and Hollywood.


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