Early Roles: Luke started acting with a small part in the movie Dunkirk (2017).

Acting Beginnings: His love for acting began when he played Romeo in a local play.

Language Skills: Luke feels more comfortable speaking French than English!

Bridgerton Experience: Learning to speak in Regency English for Bridgerton was a memorable experience for him.

Role Mix-Up: During filming for season 2, Luke accidentally prepared for the wrong character!

Artistic Gesture: After season 1, Luke drew portraits for each of his co-stars as a gift.

Romantic Rumors: There are rumors that Luke might be dating Harriet Cains, who also starred in Bridgerton.

Social Media Avoidance: He avoids social media because he finds it overwhelming.

Film Credits: Apart from Bridgerton, Luke has acted in movies like "The Last Hurrah" and "Played."

Stage Performances: Before Bridgerton, Luke appeared in plays such as "The Lovebird" and "White Horse."