King Charles III's coronation


Katy Perry and Tom Cruise are among the star-studded guest list for King Charles III's coronation.

The guest list also includes Lionel Richie, among other celebrities from the entertainment industry.

King Charles III's coronation is expected to be a grand affair, with pomp and show.

The ceremony is scheduled to take place at Westminster Abbey, one of London's iconic landmarks.

The event will mark the beginning of a new era in the United Kingdom's royal family.

The guest list includes high-profile politicians, foreign dignitaries, and members of the royal family.

The coronation is a significant event for the country, and preparations are in full swing.

The ceremony will be televised globally, and millions of people are expected to tune in.

Security arrangements for the event are tight, with several measures in place to ensure safety.

The coronation promises to be a memorable event, with a blend of tradition and modernity.