Karan Johar vents about punctuality on Instagram


Karan Johar took to Instagram to express his frustration about people's lack of punctuality.

He said that being on time is a simple matter of basic manners and respecting other people's time.

The Bollywood filmmaker added that being punctual shows that you value the other person's time.

Johar emphasized that being late is not fashionable, and it's disrespectful to keep others waiting.

He urged people to understand that being on time is a sign of professionalism and common courtesy.

The director also suggested that punctuality should be taught in schools as a life skill.

Johar said that being late not only causes inconvenience but also reflects poorly on the individual's character.

He urged people to prioritize punctuality and to avoid making excuses for being late.

The filmmaker also emphasized that being on time should not be seen as an option, but rather a necessity.

Johar's post on punctuality received a lot of support from his followers, who agreed with his views.


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