Karan Johar praises Zeenat Aman for being authentic and truthful on Instagram.


Johar lauds Aman's courage to speak her mind and showcase her true self.

The filmmaker admires the veteran actress for being herself and not pretending to be someone else.

Johar considers Aman a true icon who inspires people to be confident and genuine.

Aman's bold and fearless attitude is an inspiration to many, says Johar.

Johar applauds Aman for not succumbing to societal pressure and being true to herself.

The actress's honesty and sincerity on social media have earned her much praise from fans and celebrities.

Johar encourages people to follow Aman's lead and be authentic in their online presence.

Aman's Instagram posts are a reflection of her real self and show her many facets, according to Johar.

The veteran actress continues to inspire generations with her talent, grace, and authenticity, concludes Johar.


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