Karan Johar accepted his cinema is about song and dance

Karan Johar is a filmmaker who has been known for his lavish song and dance sequences in his films.

In an interview, Johar once said that his cinema is about song and dance, and that he is proud of it.

Johar said that he believes that song and dance are an integral part of Indian cinema, and that they help to tell the story in a more engaging way.

Johar also said that he believes that song and dance can be used to express a wide range of emotions, and that they can be used to create a sense of joy and celebration.

Johar's films have been successful at the box office, and they have helped to popularize the song and dance genre of Indian cinema.

Johar's films have also been praised for their lavish production values, and for their stylish and glamorous visuals.

Johar is a talented filmmaker who has made a significant contribution to Indian cinema.

His films are sure to continue to entertain audiences for years to come.


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