Justin Bieber Backs Hailey Bieber Against Idea Of Not Having Kids

Justin Bieber has come out in support of his wife Hailey Bieber on the idea of not having kids due to online hate.

Hailey has been vocal about not wanting children for now because of the negativity she sees on social media.

Justin said that he will wait for her as long as she needs and support her decision.

He added that he wants her to feel comfortable and confident in her choices.

Justin also shared that he believes the internet can be a cruel place and he understands why Hailey feels the way she does.

The couple has been married since 2018 and has been open about their struggles in the public eye.

Hailey has previously spoken about the anxiety she feels from the constant scrutiny she faces.

Justin has also been vocal about the mental health issues he has faced and the importance of seeking help.

The couple's decision not to have kids for now is a personal one and they should be respected for it. It's heartwarming to see Justin supporting Hailey and putting her needs and well-being first.


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