Retirement in 2025: John Cena will travel around saying goodbye to fans in a special tour next year (2025).

Last Matches: He'll wrestle in some big events like Royal Rumble and WrestleMania before retiring.

Ending in 2025: John Cena wants to wrestle in about 30-40 matches throughout next year.

Focus on Acting Career: John Cena has been focusing on acting in movies lately, that's why he wrestles less.

Record Breaking Champion: John Cena won the WWE championship more than anyone else (16 times) and was the main star in WrestleMania five times.

Last Matches: John Cena's last wrestling match was a loss, and he also faced The Rock at a big event recently.

Farewell Tour Name: The goodbye tour is called "The Last Time is Now John Cena Farewell Tour."

Reason for Retirement: John Cena talked to the people in charge at WWE, and they decided this is a good time for him to say goodbye.

Helping Kids: John Cena is a super nice guy who has helped make wishes come true for more kids than anyone else.

WWE Star: John Cena has been a big part of WWE since he started wrestling in 2002.