Jassie Gill, a Punjabi singer-actor, praised Diljit Dosanjh for changing the perception of Sardars in Bollywood.


Gill said that Dosanjh proved that Punjabis aren't just limited to comedic roles in Hindi cinema.

He believes that Dosanjh's work has opened doors for Punjabi artists to showcase their talents in Bollywood.

Gill also spoke about the importance of representation and breaking stereotypes in the entertainment industry.

He emphasized the need for more diverse storytelling that accurately represents different cultures and communities.

According to Gill, Dosanjh's success has inspired many young Punjabi artists to pursue their dreams in the industry.

He hopes to see more Punjabi stories and characters on the big screen in the future.

Gill praised Dosanjh's dedication and hard work, stating that he is an inspiration to many.

He also spoke about the supportive community of Punjabi artists in Bollywood.

Gill concluded by saying that he is proud to be a Punjabi and hopes to continue representing his culture through his work.


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