Jared Leto shows up in fur suit resembling Karl Lagerfeld's cat


The Met Gala 2023 saw Jared Leto sporting a fur suit resembling Karl Lagerfeld's cat.

Fans couldn't stop making memes about the bizarre outfit that Leto donned for the event.

The furry white suit with black accents resembled Choupette, the late Lagerfeld's beloved pet.

The costume was complete with pointy ears, a black nose, and a tail attached to the back of the suit.

Social media was flooded with jokes and comments about Leto's unusual fashion choice.

Some fans found the suit creepy, while others thought it was hilarious.

Leto is known for his avant-garde fashion sense, often pushing the boundaries with his outfits.

He has previously attended the Met Gala in a Gucci outfit carrying a replica of his own head.

Leto's fashion choices often spark debate and discussion, and this time was no exception.

Love it or hate it, Jared Leto's fur suit at the Met Gala 2023 is sure to be remembered for years to come.


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