James Corden’s The Late Late Show Was Losing $20 Million Per Year?


James Corden's late-night show "The Late Late Show" was reportedly losing $20 million per year.

The show's declining ratings and increased costs may have contributed to its financial troubles.

CBS, the network that airs the show, reportedly could no longer afford to keep Corden on the payroll.

Corden's contract is set to expire in 2022, and negotiations are ongoing for his potential departure from the show.

The network is said to be considering a new format for the late-night slot, which could include a rotating cast of hosts.

Corden's departure from "The Late Late Show" would mark the end of a five-year run as the show's host.

The British comedian and actor has become a household name in the US thanks to his work on the show.

Corden's success has led to several other high-profile gigs, including hosting the Tony Awards and the Grammys.

Despite the show's financial troubles, Corden remains a popular figure among late-night viewers.

It remains to be seen what the future holds for both Corden and "The Late Late Show" in the coming months and years.


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