Anne Heche's police investigation stopped after being declared brain dead

Anne Heche passed away at the age of 53 after a car crash

After Anne Heche's demise, LAPD is set to close the investigation into her fiery crash

On Friday, it was confirmed that the actress was declared brain dead

Anne was being put on life support only because of her desire to have her organs passed

In the statement, the LAPD clarified, "As of today, no further investigative efforts will be made in this case

However, it was later clarified by the police that the investigation was considered only a "preliminary" felony pending further toxicology results

After the results came in, it was revealed that Anne tested positive for cocaine in his system

Anne never regained consciousness after the accidents and was later declared brain dead 

Her representative said that, "We have lost a bright light, a kindest and most joyous soul, a loving mother and a faithful friend

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