Hema Malini suggests other actors to use metro, netizens reacts


Bollywood veteran Hema Malini suggests actors use metro to avoid traffic, making headlines.

The actress, who is also a BJP MP, says it's an eco-friendly and time-saving option.

Her statement has sparked a mixed reaction among netizens on social media.

Some praised her idea, calling it practical and a great example for others.

Others criticized her, saying she's out of touch with the reality of the common man.

A few joked about the challenges of using public transport, especially during rush hour.

Hema Malini has always been vocal about environmental issues and sustainable living.

She recently participated in a tree plantation drive in Mumbai to promote green initiatives.

The actress has been a leading figure in the Indian film industry for over four decades.

Her latest comments show her commitment to finding solutions for urban congestion and pollution.


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