Gulshan Devaiah calls his ex-wife Kalliroi Tziafeta his best friend

Bollywood actor Gulshan Devaiah considers his ex-wife, Kalliroi Tziafeta, his best friend and confides in her about his dates.

Devaiah values their friendship so much that he keeps her informed whenever he goes out on a date.

The actor believes in open communication with his ex-wife and values her opinions and insights.

Despite their separation, Devaiah and Tziafeta have managed to maintain a strong bond and a supportive relationship.

Their friendship transcends the boundaries of their past romantic relationship, allowing them to remain close even after divorce.

Devaiah's willingness to share details of his personal life with his ex-wife showcases their trust and deep connection.

Their friendship is built on mutual respect, understanding, and a shared history that goes beyond their marital relationship.

Devaiah's openness about his friendship with Tziafeta reflects his mature and evolved approach to relationships.

The actor's ability to maintain a strong bond with his ex-wife highlights the importance of healthy communication and emotional maturity.

Devaiah's statement sheds light on the complexities of human relationships and the possibility of finding friendship beyond romantic partnerships.


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