Fantastic Four Reboot Rumours Royally Dismissed By Mila Kunis

Mila Kunis has dismissed rumors of her debut in the Fantastic Four reboot in the MCU.

The actress clarified that she will not be playing Sue Storm or The Thing.

Kunis stated that she knows who will be playing the characters but did not reveal their identity.

Fans had speculated that Kunis could be the next Sue Storm after rumors of the Fantastic Four's MCU debut.

Kunis's statement puts an end to the rumors surrounding her casting in the upcoming film.

The Fantastic Four will be making their debut in the Marvel Cinematic Universe soon.

Marvel Studios is yet to announce the cast for the reboot, which has left fans guessing.

Kunis's statement has disappointed some fans who were hoping to see her in the role of Sue Storm.

The actress has been busy with other projects, including the Netflix series "Luckiest Girl Alive."

Fans are eagerly waiting for updates from Marvel regarding the Fantastic Four's MCU debut and casting.


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