Explaining Ending Never Have I Ever' Season 3 

Netflix has re-released Never Have I Ever, the comedy-drama 

Rajakrishnan plays Devi Vishwakumar (an Indian-American high school student who juggles school and friends). 

The majority of cast members will be returning for Season 4.  

By: Marco Carola

Season 3's finale left many questions about Paxton Hall-Yoshida.  

As the season ended, Devi was seen going back-and-forth over a major decision in her life.

What was Devi doing at the end? What about Season 4? Will Paxton return to the show?  

By: Marco Carola

The last episode of Never Have I Ever featured Devi deciding whether to attend another school for her senior year.

Shrubland in Colorado offered her a place at their fancy boarding school.  

The headteacher of her school told her that it was an intensive program for academically gifted seniors.

Devi returned to Ben's house at the end of the episode and cash in her "one-free boink".

He had jokedly given her a voucher earlier, when she was concerned about becoming a virgin.

Season 4 will follow Devi and her friends through their final year at high school.