Elizabeth Olsen Finds It “Ridiculous” Doing Her Own Stunts


Elizabeth Olsen recently commented on the stunts performed in Marvel movies, calling them "ridiculous."

Olsen explained that most of the stunts in Marvel films are achieved with green screen and special effects.

She also mentioned that the actors are sometimes required to do some physical stunts, but not as often as people might think.

According to Olsen, the stunt team is highly skilled and works hard to ensure everyone's safety on set.

The actress also praised the team for their ability to make even the most dangerous stunts look effortless on screen.

Olsen admitted that she has had a few close calls while filming, but nothing too serious.

She credited her dance background for helping her perform some of the more complex stunts.

Olsen emphasized that it's important for actors to trust their stunt doubles and work closely with them to achieve the best results.

She also expressed her admiration for the dedication and hard work that goes into creating the action sequences in Marvel movies.

Olsen's comments shed light on the behind-the-scenes work that goes into making some of Hollywood's most thrilling films.


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