Dwayne Johnson opens up about multiple bouts

Dwayne Johnson recently spoke about his experiences with depression in an interview with WSJ Magazine.

The actor and former wrestler said he had struggled with depression on multiple occasions in his life.

Johnson also revealed that being a "girl dad" was his saving grace during these difficult times.

He described his daughters as the "anchor" in his life that kept him grounded and gave him perspective.

The actor said that he felt a sense of responsibility to protect his daughters and be a positive role model for them.

Johnson emphasized the importance of seeking help and not being afraid to talk about mental health struggles.

He also credited his faith, family, and friends for helping him get through the tough times.

The actor said that he hoped sharing his story would encourage others to speak out about their own experiences with mental health.

Johnson is known for his inspiring messages and motivational posts on social media.

The actor's openness and vulnerability about his mental health struggles have earned him widespread praise and support.