Dilip Kumar's last film 'Quila' was a box office disaster despite being made with a huge budget.


APR 11,2023


The film's production was marred with issues, including delays and financial problems.

The movie was directed by K. Ramanlal and produced by D.K. Ramanlal.

The script lacked coherence, and the performances of the actors were mediocre.

The film also had a weak soundtrack, which failed to impress the audiences.

'Quila' was released in 1998, after a gap of four years since Dilip Kumar's previous film.

The veteran actor played a double role in the movie, which failed to create an impact.

The film's sets and cinematography were lackluster and failed to impress the audiences.

Despite the shortcomings, the movie has gained a cult following among cinephiles.

'Quila' remains a testimony to the decline of the golden era of Bollywood and the struggles of aging stars.


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