David Zaslav Gets Booed at Boston University Graduation

David Zaslav faced a hostile reception as he delivered a commencement speech at Boston University graduation.

The CEO of WarnerMedia was booed by some graduates and their families amid ongoing writers' strike.

Zaslav tried to deliver an inspirational message but faced backlash due to the labor dispute.

Writers Guild of America, East had called for a boycott of the event, leading to tensions.

The protest aimed to highlight the plight of striking writers and their demands for fair treatment.

Zaslav acknowledged the boos but remained steadfast in his commitment to creativity and storytelling.

The commencement ceremony became a platform for expressing discontent with the industry's labor practices.

Some graduates expressed disappointment that their special day was overshadowed by the controversy.

The writers' strike underscored the growing concern over fair compensation and working conditions.

The incident highlighted the deep divisions and tensions within the entertainment industry and its workforce.


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