2 Reasons why Bobby Lashley was fired on RAW by Adam .


The most stunning way to finish RAW was when Bobby Lashley was dismissed by Adam Pearce.

As you may recall, The All Mighty speared Petey Williams last week and received a warning from Adam Pearce.

Regarding the repercussions of touching a WWE representative.

#1. A surprising RAW conclusion that hasn't occurred in a long.

Although Triple H has improved RAW, the show's endings haven't been as unexpected or suspenseful as they should have been.

We comprehend that carrying it out each week would diminish the significance of such instances.

#2. To see Bobby Lashley return with a dramatic change in personality.

Bobby Lashley once suggested to Vince McMahon that he lose a match before embarking on a losing streak.

And gaining up to 50 pounds.

Although McMahon rejected the notion, The All Mighty may still be in the plans.

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